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Help! Passat ac won't cool/ windshield wipers don't work

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I have a 2008 Volkswagen Passat- 2.0T--

Was driving yesterday and air conditioning just stopped cooling out of the blue. The fans still work, heater works, but air does not cool at all. We figured it was a compressor problem/ freon needed. However this morning, we took a second look at the car. Looked at fuses to make sure none were blown, none are but while messing with the fuses we realized my windshield wipers aren't coming on either. I checked to see if anything else was out but it seems everything else is working. Btw, it doesn't help that my car manuals fuse box diagram doesn't match with my fuse box. There isn't even a fuse where the air conditioning one should be. Frustrating that they just can't have one universal diagram.

What could this be? In the past, it has taken a couple minutes for my air to start cooling. From what I can collect through reading around online it might be relay(?) or ignition switch related. Thanks in advance.
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There are several relays under the dash. A quick check and i found that the 192 relay is the windshield wiper relay. To test the relay, you apply 12 volts to the 85 and 86 pins and verify that 30 and 87 are showing current. If the resistance is still infinite after applying voltage and hearing the "click", then its bad.
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