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Help on used W202 C-Class

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My uncle is looking at a used 96 W202 C280 with 53000km on the clock, sold for $20950. What should we looking for when buying this used Mercedes. Thanks.

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21K is alot of coin for that car IMHO.

Brand new C-class starts at 29K
yea thats too much....but that might be Canadian it would be more like 16-17k.....still alot.

Talk to Ron (VWGUY4EVER)....

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If its good condition, we will try to negotiate to 18k Canadian. Paging VWGUY4EVER. :beer:
Hmmm.. looks like a clean car. If you p/m the VIN number to me, I can run it to see what the warranty issues were with it. The 202 Chassis C-Class are actually fairly reliable. Common areas are suspension bushings and oil leaks. Head gaskets are prone to oil leaks most often externally (common on most all in-line Benz 6 cylinders) and can usually be driven indefinately like that. If the engine has been "washed" or is too clean, I'd recommend a long test drive then maybe go back to it in a day or two and scan the right side and the rear of the head/block area for any signs of oil.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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