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well, looking to buy a new(er) vehicle
rather have tdi (I am in Ontario Canada by the way, so can run tdi here
wife has her "new" 00 beetle diesel great car but we need a full size car (instead of the Buick roadmaster (mid 20s mileage which is great for big car but...
anyway, anyone have any pix of the new 06 WAGON
OR any pix of modded (body wise) 05 wagons

I find the 05 down passat a bit bland outside, nothing exciting like a mini, 300, magnum, even the back end of a maxx (yes I am looking ALL over)

however,r I am coming back to look at passat since they have the diesel (only OTHER option is the jeep liberty and only 500 SOMEDAY are coming to Canada (no one, not even Chrysler HQ can give me a date)
I will probably either wait on the liberty OR the 06 passat wagon
buy an 05 wagon (if I could only make it a bit more exciting

I had an 94 Audi 100ls wagon, that was sharp (to me) and I understand the05 down passat is an a4 stretched bodywise in essence >> anyone "cloning the passat to an a4/a6 look (Audi front grille, colour schemes taillights???

a really odd question, can you dorp a tdi into an Audi frame??? (thinking of that 94 I had with awd, but tdi (too far fetched???)

gord in Ontario Canada

please email direct too as I am not checking boards/forums that often (on dialup out in the country side!!
[email protected]
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