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I've been fooling around with the problem of a "squeak" in
the right front end of my 99 Passat 1.8 that led to the local
VW dealer's diagnosis of a $CAD3000 "fix".
From that, I got a list of needed parts that was probably
partial. Because I don't know anything about this area, talk
of "control arms" and "wishbones" and"links" has gotten me
really confused.
All I want to do is buy the replacement parts on the web,
thus avoiding the supercharged VW prices, and have a
friendly knowledgeable local mechanic install them.

SO! If someone with a Bentley 99 Passat 1.8 Manual would
be good enough to list ALL the parts needed for a complete
replacement of the front end suspension (names, and, if
possible, VW parts numbers), I would be ETERNALLY
grateful. Labelled pictures would be a wonderful idea.

Final questions: how many control arms are there and are
some of these called "wishbones"?; how many "links" are

Thanks in advance.


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Hi George and welcome to Club B5. There were so many problems with control arms on 99s that VW released an upgrade "kit" that I believe was comprised of 2 uppers, 2 lowers, and assorted hardware. It went for around $600 US if I recall correctly. Unfortunately, I've gone back through my stuff and I can't find the part number. Even though it consisted of several parts, it has a single part number.

There may now be less expensive alternatives in the aftermarket. Not sure, but someone here should be able to help you in that regard. Another possibility would be to just visually inspect and tug on the parts, thereby trying to determine what has actually failed and then only replace the parts that are obviously bad. This method doesn't assure success, but it could be considerably cheaper. There shouldn't be any play in the control arms.

Finally, I would strongly suggest that you use an independent who works on Audis and VWs exclusively, assuming you can find one.

Best of luck.


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First, you are getting screwed. Absent needing a new steering rack, that price sounds outrageous.

There are 8 control arms, they only come from VW. You can get the whole set online for as little as $US 500. Installation should be no more than ~$250. The control arms themselves generally don't go, it's the bushings on the ends and replacing them is cheaper. Other possible causes, based on my experience, are tie rods, shock/strut bushings, low power steering fluid, and a bad steering rack. Only the last one is a really costly proposition. I've had all but the last one happen, and my car sounds like a wounded seal. If you are replacing the bushings, you may want to consider getting an upgraded suspension put on since you're already paying the labor.
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