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Hello there,

This might be something like a follow-up from this thread but in a more specific matter.

According to VCDS, the MFL MFSW relays can be recoded the following ways:

As I'm stuck right now, my relay refuses all the codings except the 00008 which makes the phone button on the left side of the wheel useless. As per VCDS, if I could recode the module to 00001 MAYBE I could get the phone button to interact with my radio. Please note that this is an OEM VW radio and its manual says that it handles remote controlling from the steering wheel over its phone feature.

These are all my findings after lots of digging relating to Relay #s, Part numbers and SW/HW versions:

In red you can see my current setup which does NOT work. It looks like that the 486 Relay, part number 3U0907487A actually accepts to be coded to 00001 but unfortunately this is an extremly rare part and of course EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE for me to get.

This is a piece of VCDS log I found on the web and that's what lead me to that conclusion:

Address 16: Steering wheel
Labels: 1J0-907-487-A.lbl
Part No: 3U0 907 487 A
Component: Lenkradelektronik 0002
Coding: 00001
Shop #: WSC 73430
No fault code found.
So, is there any one out there with VCDS and access to the 451 relay that could TRY to recode it to 00001 to see if the 451 also accepts this coding? If so, that would make things MUCH, MUCH easier for me as the 451 is much easier to find, and of course less expensive.

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