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Help!!! Need PhatBox Right Angle Cable

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Threee weeks into my new TDI Variant. Love it!!! The only problem is that I can't install my phatbox cleanly in the cd changer slot. I have seen a lot of posts on different ways to mount the unit but it still seems the best way is in the cd changer slot. The only problem is that the cable does not allow the unit to fit in the slot. Iam not into buying a new car and cutting it up to make room for vw approved parts to fit. I think they really dropped the ball here.

Contacted VW and they have no knowledge of the problem. Called Phatbox and they said they will not make a cable unless VW commissions them (GREAT CS PHATNOISE-BS)

Has anyone located or had any luck fabricating a cable( mini 36pin centronics to vw hook up) or sourcing a person that makes such a beast

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Welcome to the club.
I believe variant owners are unable to mount the PhatBox in the cubby. You might use the mounting bracket to mount the unit elsewhere.
The PhatBox did come with an abundance of cable. If you can, try putting the cable in the slot below the PB and running just the connector up to the back of the PB.
Like this:

Here's a link to other peoples ideas.
cheers :beer:
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That is kind of what I am looking to do.The only problem is that when the cable is plugged into the phatbox it does not allow the pb to fit in the cubby area. It adds about 2.5" to the depth of the unit. If i could get the the right angle adapter, then i can reduce the depth by about 2 inches. With that 2" the world is a better place! In addition the picture shown here looks like a b5. I think think the b5.5 is a little different.

I just can't belive nobody has been able to work this one out.


It's a 2003 GLX (B5.5).
Actually, several people have been able to work this one out. They've just been willing to do some 'modding' to *make* it fit or they've put it somewhere else.
I think you'll find the provided cable resistant to modifications but you're welcome to have a crack at it at your own risk, of course.
You might also look into getting something like a Blitzsafe connected to the RCA jacks purported to be on the unit. I know mine doesn't have RCAs but yours might.
Some specifics on your TDI Variant would help me in my searching for you.
cheers :beer:
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