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The instructions will take me longer to type than to actually accomplish...
All left/right directions should be considered as if you were in the driver's seat looking forward. These instructions are how I did things on my '99. I believe that there should be only minor variations to the 2003.

The air filter is in the airbox. Look behind the right headlight. There's a black plastic duct running from just to the left of the headlamp assembly to the airbox. IIRC, there's probably a black plastic cover over the airbox. Pull this off and undo the metal clips on all 4 (I think) sides of the airbox. It may be necessary to unscrew the heat shield from the airbox (protects the airbox from turbo heat, be carefull if your engine is hot or you'll lose some skin to your turbo) to reach one of the clips. Once you have all clips undone, lift up on the airbox lid and pull the filter. Marvel at how nasty it is.

Filter installation is the opposite of removal (gotta love haynes manual-esque instructions).

The pollen filter is at the back on the engine compartment on the right-hand side (essentially strait back from the air filter). Look for it where the windshield meets the hood/engine compartment. There was a little knob-type fitting to turn to release the pollen filter cover on my '99. Lift the filter cover up and remove the old filter. Marvel at how nasty it is.

Pollen filter installation is the opposite of removal.

If any of this varies greatly from what you see under-hood, I will disavow all knowlege of trying to help you.

Hope this helps!

Almost forgot, a little tidbit for the air filter.
Pull the air duct out and look into the orifice that it connects to on the airbox. You'll probably see a prefilter/snow screen type thingie (technical term). Marvel at how nasty it probably is (mine has a bunch of leaves and bugs in it). Take your mom's/wife's/girlfriend's/neighbors favorite vacuum cleaner and attach the crevice tool to it. Turn it on and jam the crevice tool into orifice to clean that crap out. Return the vacuum cleaner, making sure not to tell them that you used it in your car's engine bay.
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