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Help choosing a Dension for Monsoon radio

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Simple question, will this Dension unit work with a single din Monsoon head unit on a 2001.5 VW Passat GLX?

Dension GW1LVW8


Dension GBL3VW8

I dont really care if it has bluetooth, I am just going to add a Car Thing to it the second Spotify releases it. I am looking for something that works without causing any CD Errors with the HU or other issues. Also, when installing this will I need the radio code for any reason or when do you need that, I understand it needs to be grounded somewhere for it to even work which is easy.

Also, is Enfig a good website that can be trusted?

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You should not need the radio code if it stays with the same car.
Enfig is a good site, I have used it.
I can't help with the rest.
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