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Help choosing 18's..

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I'm stuck between 2 choices :



Privat Reserv

In both cases I'm sure I'd have to get some spacers, since Huffs are some mid-50s ET, and the Reserv's are ET 40.

I'll try to get some a good sideways picture of my '03 Wagon to try and photoshop the wheels on the car, or if someone already has a good one, could you please try and pshop those on?

thx to all
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I say Privats...havent been a fan of the Huffs yet
i say go with the huffs and a little drop to make them look right.
Well, I just found this pshop

I think I'm going with the Huffs :D Where could I get some 20mm spacers?
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^^that does look pretty awesome but please stay away from the amber!!!!:lol:

check out for the spacers
i definately prefer the privats. huffs are growing on me a little though.
funny, i can't stand Huffs, but throw them on a car they weren't designed for, and they're suddenly hot. the privats look like many others on the road. go with OEM style with Huffs.
Ewwwwww huff is a down grade to me .. VW Helios or some audi wheels :thumbup:
Privat Reserv - my 2¢.
I think they are a bit classier...don't look like an oversized hotwheel car.
id say get an audi wheel like an a8 rep or sumthin. but those huffs look really really nice on that wagon. and if thats photoshoped thats really good imo :thumbup:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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