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Help! Broken Serpentine Belt Tensioner in England (B5 AFN)

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Thanks in advance for any help of advice provided.

My (up until now trusty) right hand drive B5 1.9 TDI Estate (station wagon for us North Americans) broke it's serpentine belt on Sunday.

I got towed home, and bought a replacement belt but as I'm in England and have none of my automotive tools here, had a mobile mechanic come by to install it.

Unfortunately, the Serpentine Belt Tensioner is faulty - it's out of line with the rest of the belts - and instantly bent at an angle as soon as the new belt ran against it. So, it's likely to jump off again in no time.

I'm going to order the Serpentine Belt Tensioner - and buy the few tools I need to do it this weekend. But, I could use a little help:

1> Has anyone done this? Any advice? It doesn't look to bad, but I don't have a Haynes manual on had - ordered one today.

2 > Does anyone have a parts diagram and could confirm the part number for a 1997 B5 1.9 TDI *(AFN engine) Serpentine Belt Tensioner Pulley

3 > Any general advice or tips? I'm hoping not to pull of the radiator and all, will have a better look tonight when I'm back home.

I'm Canadian, living in England right now and am trying to keep this Passat in working order while I'm living here. Just put on new tyres and a new CV joint, so I'm hoping this job will carry the car on for a few months more.

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Where abouts in England are you?
I'm over in Dorking, about 19 miles south of London.
Just an update:

I've ordered the Serpentine Belt tensioner for £65.

I've also rented a Torque wrench for the weekend.

I'm still missing a how-to diagram to break down the process for installing the Belt Tensioner, still very much hoping I won't need to pull the front bumper & radiator.

I'm awaiting my Haynes manual, hoping it gets here for the weekend. Does anyone have an online guide to replacing the Belt Tensioner for a Passat TDI, or similar enough that I can follow it along?

The closest I've found is only to replace the belt:

Any tips? Thanks!
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Working on something for you ;)
Could you PM me the car's reg plate please.

I'll then be able to send you the relevant pages from the repair manual (via the owner of a VW repair business)
From that writeup and pics, you will need to remove the lock carrier as you have to remove the fan to access the tensioner.
I'm still missing a how-to diagram to break down the process for installing the Belt Tensioner, still very much hoping I won't need to pull the front bumper & radiator.
remove bumper cover and pulling lock carrier 2-3 inch forward is not that bad, it just require patience and keeping bolts well organized. it probably takes about 2 hours first time ever for me to get to the point of pulling lock carrier.

if it is a manual tranny and no A/C, you might opt to even remove radiator for better view. A/C hoses and AT line stop me from doing that for my gasoline tiptronic B5.
Thanks guys.

mycarsavw, I will PM you the reg now. Thanks again!!

Yes, I was out looking at the car last night and see what you mean about the fan blocking access. It doesn't look too complicated from some similar write ups I've seen to remove the front bumper, still - quite limited on tools and space (I will be working in the street out from my house).

It will be an exciting Saturday, hopefully part comes in on time.
oww - the forum won't let me send PM's yet. So, its **** ***. ;)
Also yes, manual tranny and no air con.
Reg plate received - edit your post now in case there's a phantom car cloning spy here!
You have a PM
I'm half way there, it's in the service lock position, just fighting to get the fan off now.
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