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I just realised that I never really introduced myself except for a little blurb in the "South" forum...

My name is Jason, I'm 26, live in Melbourne Florida and am a Fireifghter/Paramedic. This is my first VW, and actually my first car. I've always had trucks, but since I drive about 700 miles a week now I needed something with better road manners and better fuel economy.

I'm really digging my B5 and am starting to throw around different mod ideas. The only things I've done so far is disconnected the DRL's and installed a JVC PnP Sirius unit. I think tints, the Euroswitch and a front end cover (bra or 3M...not sure yet) will be next.

Heres the only pic I have of her so far.. She's parked in front of "The King of the Hill", Engine 96.

2004.5 GLS tiptronic
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