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Good Day. I'm posting because I have to. I'm sure it will get several views and no replies. From Southern, IN area, right across the river from good ol' Louisville, KY. I have an 03 Wagon 1.8T trip. Its not exciting to drive, but its comfortable and does what I need it to do. I was put in a bad spot Oct 2013 when a tree fell on my house an my 03 Infiniti M45. I had 1 week to buy a car, and without stellar credit. I knew I wanted something fun to drive (turbo?) and above 20mpg as the M45 was miserable in efficiently, but a blast to drive. ANYWAY.... I've always loved wagons, always had a soft spot for VW and Passats (although never owned one). I searched as hard as I could for a TDI wagon, found several Jettas but determined they were too small. Could NOT find a PWaggon TDI so settled for my current 1.8T. Bought it with around 115k miles from a used lot. Has some electronic issues with the door locks and such. I keep debating whether to do any mods or not...its not a top priority as I have other things in life that the money is better suited for.

Anyway..thats my rant. I'm not going to post pictures. Its a stock gray 03 Wagon, black leather, automatic. I have transported: 2 push mowers, a sectional, twin mattress, many bags of mulch/rock/etc.
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