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Hello B7 Group

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Hello Guys,

I'm jumping from the B6 group to the B7 group. I just bought a new 2013 Passat SE with Sunroof and Nav. had to trade in my '09 Passat. This is my third Passat. I bought a used '06 but had a wreck and the insurance company totaled it. That got me to my 09. I really wasn't ready to trade in '09 but I think it was the smart move.
The '09 had 144,000 miles but it was well maintained, clean n pretty, the White Gold Met. w/ Beige Interior, 17'' wheels.
I'll try to keep this short. But I think the story is worth sharing. The check engine light came on, and it was due for an oil change. So, I took it in to the dealership. The dealership called and said the car was fixed, Throttle Pedal position switch was bad. Went to pick the car up and the car ran so bad I didn't even leave the parking space. Rough idle and check engine light was flashing. This time I asked them to inspect the car while they had it since it was due.
After a few arguments the service advisor on who is responsible I called the Customer Service Manager.
I told him my story, the service advisor told me that the TPP switch was bad and that was all that was wrong. After they stated the car was fixed I went to pick it up and it ran worse than it ever had. The code it was throwing was lean bank one. I wasn't paying for anything except the inspection. They put new plugs, the old ones weren't bad but they put new ones to eliminate that being the reason, new PVC, it had relatively new coils so they checked them n left them alone. I had put a new intake manifold on 10K miles ago and did my own de-carb, glad I took pictures of the ports n intakes. They kept me from having to pay for a $850.00 de-carb. The dealership did it again eliminating that as the cause. The intakes did have new build up but not enough to warrant me paying for the de-carb. They could not get the check engine light to stay off long enough to inspect the car. They called Germany.....VW techs said it was a main seal leak. I had no evidence of that on my driveway or under the car. Even the shop manager didn't think they knew what they were talking about because he saw no evidence of that. VW techs said do a smoke test on the motor.....sure enough a slight leak at the top of the main seal that only would leak when cold, once the motor got hot the seal closed up. Turns out a the leak caused enough of a vacuum leak to trigger a lean bank one code. They wanted $1200.00 to replace the main seal. Told them I'll take my $1200.00 and put it on a new one, and trade my '09 in.
The '09 still had the original water pump and timing belt, plus the Shop Foreman/Manager told me that he was afraid the turbo seal might have been getting to fail because of the new oily build up on the intake manifold, ports and intakes. Pleased to say that even with all the arguments with the Shop Foreman/Manager and the Service Manager we became friends...they helped me work out the deal on the my new one. I got the max trade in on mine and got a great deal on a new 2013 since the 2014 were already on the floor. Love my new one, miss my old one.

Looking forward to the B7 Group.
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Welcome & congrats!

New here as well. Owned a 72 super beetle and 84 Sciricco.... been away from VW for awhile... but we decided to try it again w a 12 Passat. Hoping to have her awhile.
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