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Hello PassatWorld -

Unfortunately I'm only here to sell my 2008 B6. I'll post the listing here (because I have to) and in the classifieds. thanks guys

2008 Passat Komfort TSI w/113k on the odometer. I am the only owner
grey ext w/tan interior

Only one accident in its history. requiring replacement of drivers rear light and bumper, and some shaping on that quarter panel. this was over 8 years ago, and the body work gives no indication there was ever an incident.

With exception of parking brake all electronics/accessories in good working condition
The main issue is a loose timing chain which just recently skipped time. that means you're looking at a replacement chain with possible bent valves. Only othe issue identified recently was wearing CV joint on the drivers side)

I don't want to scrap the car and I don't have the patience or time to part it. looking for $700. DM for more info or pics
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