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I just wanted to share my over the weekend health scare. I'm not doing this for any attention, but solely for the people out there that are like me.
I don't believe in going to the doctor every time I get the sniffles. I'm the kind of person who lets things take their course. For the more severe stuff the doctor visit usually ends up being to late for a simple treatment of whatever ails me. Excessive use of long term harmful drugs such as Prednisone are the norm for me.

Over the weekend I ended up in the hospital emergency room with what I thought was the precursor to a heart attack.
I was having some very strange chest pains that were pretty severe.
Quite frankly I have never been so afraid of loosing my life as I was over the weekend.

Without getting into a long drawn out back story, the gist of it is, I've got a history of severe asthma and acid reflux.
After a battery of tests, it was determined that I'm surprisingly healthy (medically wise) for my age.
The doctor determined I was having a heart burn reaction to something I had eaten days earlier, coupled with anxiety.
This was a wake up call for me personally. I consider myself extremely lucky this time around.

The moral of this story is for those of you who wait until the very last minute to have something checked out.
For your own well being and the ones you care for and love, don't wait until the 11th hour. Go get it checked out!
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