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Headlights not bright?

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Should there be a difference when you turn on the headlights VS. DRL's. When I turn on the headlights I don't notice any difference in brightness and night driving sucks with the Passat unless you turn on the brights.
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I believe there is only a difference is you have the bi-xenon lights.
when you are using the drl's the output is about 80-90% (cant remember which) when you turn the switch to night driving it then goes to full power barely noticable with the naked eye you can see it if you are parked in front of a closed garage door at night but just barely, i believe that the reasoning is so that the bulbs have a longer life span. you might need new bulbs because i barely ever need the high-beams when running at night hope that this sheds some "light" on the subject :lol:
Yes thanks. I was gonna put in new bulbs in I just thought it was strange how terrible it is to see at night with this car Unless I turn on the brights than its great. But for some reason that makes people mad:D
You also might check and make sure they are aligned right, i finally remember to align mine and the visibility difference is great, i had mine pointed down just a little bit too low.
you should be able to see a bit of difference when switching from drl to full headlights
yea 9% ... as my DRL's were @91% when i 1st Vag the B6 .. now they are @ 100% ...... with HID's of course ;)
So, what's the conclusion here???

I've got the same issue as the original poster. I've got a (new to me) '02 W8 Wagon that has absolutely no difference between the DRL and the low beams. I have followed another post to remove the bumper and headlight assembly and am now holding 2 Philips bulbs in my hand. However, despite the work, I have not spent any money. So, will buying new bulbs solve the problem of lack of light output with low beams? It is actually undrivable with the current output at night.....

Thanks for any input.
Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..... W8 are Bi-xenon.... highly doubt anything else will be brighter than the stock 4300k ....
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