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Headlight polishing question

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Morning everyone, I picked up a set of used clear headlights + corners for 20 bucks off kijiji. They are in pretty good shape for the price. Two problems, 1 the headlights were used with HIDs in the h1 socket (high beam) and fogged the inside. I tried to see if a small plastic straw would scrape some of it off and it did but it didn't make it clear in the spot. I know I might have to remove the lens but I want to know if I would be wasting my time attempting to do it and have no luck polishing. I know it was the HIDs because only the high beam section has gone hazy a little. Any ideas?

2 apparently the corners have a baffle inside for the Light and it melted so I am trying to figure out a way to remove it because it's just connected with 3 "feet" any ideas ?

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You generally don't use an HID retrofit kit on the high beams, so it was more likely over-wattage halogen bulbs that caused the problem. Given the effort in taking apart the headlights, the difficulty in polishing the concave inside surface, and the damage to the housings, I'd toss them and move on.
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