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havent posted in a long time---new mods

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tinted tales-check, custom headliner-check, embroided seats-check, more to come for 013 ;)

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What is the make of your car again ? I really like the headrest embroidery. The headliner isn't really my cup of tea.
I like the seats. Headliner kinda gives me a migraine, but too each their own. good work. :thumbup:
I'm not sure why but I've always preferred embroidered logos that are in the seat backs rather than the headrests. I sort of agree on the headliner though it looks way too busy.
from bristol/warren area
What part of RI are you from?
he's not that far. I helped him do the suspension on his car.
What is the make of your car again ?
So it's a Volkswagen then?
I was gonna make those jokes...but you guys beat me to it. Looks good Mr. Bum, very unique!
Twigs or roses? I start with twigs.

Headliner and engine bay is almost worst what i have ever seen, sorr bro. In Finland we call that kind of tuning "amis tuning", it does not have anything to do with Amish religion. Amis is abbreviation of Ammattikoulu (Vocational school), however. Those guys are learning welding, car repairing, ages between 16-19, and this kind of tuning (headliner & engine bay) is very typical for them. Seats are nice.

But here comes the roses.

Exterior is amazing. All those exterior parts play together. Votex kit is only and one right kit for Passat. And black is best choise for color if you take care of it. I like stance also. And it's better drive if its not lowered as much as possible.
Do you have any details on the headrest embroidery? Did you DIY or did someone do it for you?
All those VW emblems make my eyes :rolleyes:

Headrests :thumbup:
Headliner :puke:
Do you have any details on the headrest embroidery? Did you DIY or did someone do it for you?
i had them done at a local shop.

thanks for all the pro's and con's guys. the headliner took a while to get used to but i kinda like it now.

OskuA - no worries. i take the good with the bad. lol black in nice but its tuff to keep up. if i had to do it again it woudnt be black. its high maintance. your right though its does look nice when done right.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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