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From June. A close friend got married. She didn't want to have her 70-something dad fly out here so she decided she wanted to do the wedding in Newport Beach. We wanted to something big this year since I was turning 50 and my other half, 40. We decided to make it a road trip. "Oh you guys are driving ?!?!? Would you bring the dress for me ?!?!?!" Sure, NO PRESSURE lol. She was uncomfortable shipping it or bringing it with her on the place so we dubbed ourselves The Wedding Dress Express. We wound up with the gown, the tux, and a bunch of center pieces she made.

Traveled heavy besides the wedding stuff. I now have an 18 inch spare - OE wheel with a new tire, my 2.5 ton floor jack, cables, and small tool kit besides us and one large suit case.

Dallas to Tucson overnight for some sleep. Rather than I-20 West to El Paso onto I-10, we went northwest from Abilene into New Mexico. US-84, US-380 W and US-70 W to I-25 S in Las Cruces, then onto I-10. Was nice to run across the desert then into the mountains. Funny thing happened as we were hitting the mountains. SOMEONE looked up from Facebook for a brief moment just as this sign came into view: SHARP CURVES AHEAD. 35 MPH". From the passenger seat I hear: "NOW aren't you glad we came this way ?! We haven't eaten yet so have fun." And back to Facebook.... "WOW I love you SOOO much right now." Drive mode set to SPORT. Shifter gate to MANUAL. Paddle Shifter active...

A short time on I-10 and I saw: DO NOT PICK UP HITCHHIKERS IN THIS AREA. Never seen a sign like that, but then again I'd never driven this far west let alone close to the border. Five miles later I see a weigh station sign. As we approached it, cones diverted EVERYONE into the station manned by border patrol. "You guys US citizens ?" Yeah. "Have a nice day." Arrived in Tucson around 10pm. Had breakfast and hit the road around 8am. Made it through Phoenix as rush hour was coming to an end. Past White sands. Got to Newport Beach around 2pm. Spent three nights there with the wedding and on to Sedona for a couple of days. All in, 7 days and 3300 miles.

Whether my current Sonata or my old VW's. Modern cars and their tech are amazing. Smart Cruise with Stop/Start was actually pretty cool in traffic. Seats were great especially with my nerve damaged legs. Praise to the one who invented ventilated/cooled seats. Food, fuel, and our bladders were the only real reasons to stop. We were cool and comfy even with the outside temp reading 116 through Palm Springs. Between XM, Android Auto and Apple Car Play, entertainment was not an issue. I love the panorama sunroof. Other than parked in direct sunlight, I always have the shade open even if the roof isn't. The car never missed a beat. Best tank average was 33.5mpg. Considering my frequent "less than prudent" speeds and the cargo, I wasn't disappointed going 500ish miles per tank. We'd do it again in a heartbeat. The bra saved me having a stroke lol. It's cleaned and back in the closet waiting for the next road trip.

Big Momma prepped for departure. Washed, waxed, bra, Rotella 5W40.
New Mexico mountains. Can't remember if it was on 84 or not.
Red Rock National Park - Sedona.
Between Cottonwood and Sedona.
Wedding night on a Newport Harbor cruise.

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Nice pics. My wife was up in Sedona a few weeks ago snapping pics with her new camera.
I so gotta my ass back out there. I've been stuck here in WI taking on work, now I'm just buried. Can't wait to get back out there.

I've traveled I-10 many a time and yeah those signs are out there for a reason. I've seen a few pretty seedy looking characters in the past. Just stepped on the gas and kept on going.
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