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Have a few questions on a 2004 Passat 1.8t AWM engine

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I normally drive an 02 TDI Jetta, but recently bid on an online auction for a 2004 Passat with AWM 1.8t gas engine.
It was advertised as running, driving, stopping condition. Got it for $750.00 which i thought was great. Drove to Phoenix to pick it up and it had a bad miss at idle which dissapears when you give it gas.

I have ross tech Vag Com that i use with my TDI so i hooked it up and measured blocks showing misses in the engine and there were several on each cylinder.
This led me to believe that the coilpacks where probably bad so i went and got brand new NGK plugs and coilpacks, installed them, and then it popped a code for
Pressure Drop between Turbo and Throttle Valve (check D.V.!)

This led me to the diverter valve. Found it and then clamped off the small hose with channel locks - started car and idle was still rough. Unclamped the channel locks and nothing changed on the idle so i am under the assumption now that the diverter valve probably isnt the problem.

Next i got my mapp gas torch and passed it around every hose i could find looking for a vacuum leak and the engine never changed idle with the torch head anywhere near any hose.

The only thing i can physically see is this 90 degree fitting is cracked. What is this, what does it do, and will this cause bad idle?

Thanks in advance for any help

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how many miles on that bad boy? any service records? As to the "stopping" condition mentioned in the first post, that is a common problem with the 1.8Ts which are "sludge" prone, under capacity with oil volume, and oil lines directly above turbo.Just dirty by nature, first thing you need to do is address the oil issue, once that is corrected and maintained everything else will fall into place, hopefull no damage has been done if engine has been starved for oil. as to tubes in pick all rubber is easy to get/buy metal tube need to be removed and cleaned out ,you will see that are probably clogged or damn near clogged. Tons of write up here on 1.8s oil issues and better yet excellant advice and solutions, The other thing when you replaced coilpacks was there any oil down inside where they reside....if so ,you new ones will be toast soon enough. Last but least evaluate TB age/wear.....
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