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I have been looking around at different springs to lower my Passat. I was wondering what people's opinions were on the H&R Sport Springs. I'm new to cars and just wanted some insight. Where did you buy yours? Were the stock shocks act okay with them or too soft?

On a side note I would like to get a cold air intake and full cat-back exhaust soon, what to you suggest? The Neuspeed exhaust (on is pretty much what I'm looking for (a bit expensive though)...

Thanks a lot.


P.S. If you read this, please don't move on to the next post, give me some info!

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If you do a search you will find an almost endless amount of information on this topic. Most say that the struts should be upgraded with the springs, lest you want them to wear out and replace them later.

I have H&R OE sports for my V6, sitting in the box, waiting for warm weather to be installed with Koni adjustables. The non OEs have a more aggressive drop.

You can buy from, but there are others as well.

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that will be an endless debate... your options are:

Bilstein - a bit more stiff than usual
Koni - adjustable (my personal preference)

This is an old thread (can't even find the link) but here is some helpful info

"Here's an exerpt from an older thread on this question. It focuses more on people who mainly want to stiffen without lowering--I'm one of those. Its about a year old and I think it is still pretty accurate except for pricing. I imagine people will chime in if it isn't.

The 1BE suspension is offered by VW for all versions of '98 to current model year Passats. It is just one of several spring and shock options available. "

Leaving out the issue of shocks for now, for Passat owners who want to lower their cars less than one inch while achieving a more responsive and somewhat stiffer suspension, there are really only three options. The VW 1BE springs, the H&R OE Sports, and the Neuspeed SofSports. According to people who've installed them, the 1BEs lower the car between 0.5" and 0.75". The H&Rs and SofSports both lower approximately 0.75". From all accounts, the order of stiffness from softest to firmest is 1BEs, H&Rs, and SofSports.

Variant owners looking to lower their cars less than an inch (like me) have even fewer options; one to be exact. For us, it's the 1BEs or nothing. H&Rs and SofSports are not currently manufactured for the Variant.

Eibach Pro-Kits are very reputable and very popular springs, but they lower Passats between 1.2" and 1.3", with the ones for the Variant lowering an additional .25". That's just too much for my own personal taste.

If you are looking for a stiffer suspension with minimal lowering, choose from the first three. If you want a bit more stiffness and additional lowering, the Eibachs are first-rate.

Frankly, the 1BEs are more expensive than other brands' aftermarket offerings. But I've made this expense a bit more palatable by opting for Bilstein Sport shocks through a previous group buy, which saved me $120 compared to the price of the 1BE shocks. Also, I will be cutting my OEM bump stops down a bit instead of buying new bump stops; a choice that will save me an additional $67.
Lastly, by opting for the VW-supplied choice, I avoid the potential for future warranty fights with my dealer and VWoA, because the 1BE suspension is a dealer and VW-authorized option.


X said:
Well if you want "lifetime" parts then I'd first suggest a set of Bilstein Sport shocks which have a lifetime guarantee and have been proven to hold up.
If you're looking for a .5-1" drop then you have several spring choices. (Arranged from least stiff to most stiff) VW 1BE springs (.5), H&R OE Sport Springs (1"), and Neuspeed SofSports (1"-?).
If you're looking for a larger drop, there's the Eibach pro-kits (1.2"), H&R Sports (1.75"-2), Neuspeed Sports (2").
The Eibach set can be paired with their Pro-Dampner system which gives an incredible ride which is both comfortable and responsive but the downside is that the shocks aren't guaranteed for lifetime and they're rather pricey.
Many people on this board have gone with the H&R OE Sport springs with Bilstein Sport shocks and have loved them. IMO if you're getting a 17" wheel, this is the absolute perfect drop. Also, this is the best bang for buck. You can pick up a set of H&R OEs from for $150 shipped and often you can find someone selling their bilstein sports for less. If not, sells them for $390. Send me an email and I will give you the email of someone who is looking to sell some barely used Bilstein Sports for a low price.
Y said:
You mentioned that most of your driving is on the highway, then I would recommend Eibach Springs and shocks, or 1BE springs and shocks, or H&R OE springs with 1BE shocks. I have tried all of the above spring combo's including H&R OE's and Bilstein shocks. I did not like the highway ride with the Bilstein sport shocks. The car would have extremely quick, short body movements up and down over highway dips and crests at speed. The shocks would seem to compress very easily, but the rebound was very stiff. Kind of like riding one of those giant slides they used to have when your stomach feels like the bottom dropped out from under you.
The Eibach dampers and the 1BE dampers are slightly stiffer on compression, and much softer on rebound than the Bilsteins. They are both made by Sachs. It is my understanding the Eibach dampers do have a limited lifetime warranty.
The 1BE setup was great, I just wanted something a little more aggressive on the back roads, so I switched to the Eibach set up.

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The H&R Sport springs are fairly aggressive in lowering. If you're looking for a more modest lowering, consider the H&R OE Sport.

H&R makes very good products, however most would recommend upgrading shocks at the same time.
Bilstein and Koni are the two most popular choices. My preference is for Koni's for street applications.

Lots of places to purchase from,,,, or
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