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H&R OE Sport springs VS H&R sport springs

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Thinking of H&R OE sport springs...looking to lower slightly and lil bit more stiffer of a ride.

I have 28k on my 2020 passat r-line so with all that how long should I expect OEM shocks to last?
as I hear the H&R Springs will wear them out prematurely or should I just replace shocks now too?! with what ones?? specifically.

A little new to all this...All I know is my '87 GTi was like on RAILs and this passat I cannot change lanes too fast without a bit of rolly polly body roll or softness......It just does not fee stable?!

Im just sure the different between the ride of the ttwo springs...I like the about an 1 inch of lowering of the OE as I think that is perfect.

Thank you
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General rule of thumb on these cars is that if you use OE sports, it should not have any appreciable reduction in OE shock life. Going lower than that increases the chances of the shock bottoming out internally.

IME, to get the most out of reducing body roll and better handling, the shock type makes the most impact. I went from OEM shocks to Koni Yellows and Bilstein HDs on stock springs and the difference from stock handling was night and day. Springs will get you lower, but shocks will make it handle better.
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I will look into those shocks....heard koni yellows mentioned before....thanks.....Is that the shock I look for......Koni "yellows" or just called that cuz they are truly yellow in color.......
Koni "yellows" are dubbed that because they are truly yellow. Koni does have a red colored shock but the "yellows" are more performance oriented over the reds.
I see they are adjustable too.......How do you know they are all 4 adjusted correctly?! is it just as easy as say turning all 4 3x or something as Im sure cant be good to have 1 stiffer than all the others or something like that??

Calibration?! can they be adjusted after installed or if you want to change them gotta take everything all apart again to turn each one say some more?!

So I thinking then I can just run these to stiffen her up for a little better ride and not even changing the springs.....Im starting to understand I think....

thanks for all the help.
is there a setting on there turn to '87 GTi performance?! hehehehhe
The koni "yellows" are adjustable but require suspension disassembly to make the adjustments. Because of this depending on what vehicle you are installing these on, there is a baseline starting point for adjustment. Koni offers suggested starting points at initial installation.

Me personally, I prefer Bilsteins over Koni's. Bilsteins can be adjusted while installed on the vehicle. Bilsteins do carry a bigger price tag though.
I've used both.
Koni's are pretty impressive for their price point.
Bilsteins are my top choice for all out performance.
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Correct. I had the Yellows and loved them on my B5.5. Then I decided to try the Bilsteins and they were just as good, but a little more harsh on bumps. Mine were HD stock length. They are valved the same as the sports. Sports have a shorter shaft. Only the PSS series Bilsteins are adjustable.
looking at the koni yellows...I think from my research I would like them. Only issue im having right now is part #'s I got the part number for my car from Koni;s sight but tthen when I got to look at buying that part # says does not fit my car. Im tending to beleive Konis website and not the retailers and buy the part # KONI says.........I may still go with the lowering springs to get the stance good...if Im going for it might as well. Thank you for the info regarding springs are for lowering and struts shocks are for ride feel quality.........It all makes sense.
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