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Guys, I need some help...

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:cry: My BBS RS-GT's will not be here in time for Waterfest and I'm really pissed. I'm running my winter VZ's and just put a set of RA's in for some repair/resurfacing work. The wheel repair shop called me and said he just did a set of RGR's for a local Audi racer and they looked fantastic. Then ideas started bouncing around in Ole' Swami's noggin..

Here's my question. Do you think a set of BBS RA's would look good in a Diamond-Black/Satin finish like RGR's if they were done right? I just wanted something different on a Black Car because I'm seeing too may sets of CH's and VZ's floating around town.

Thanks guys, please give me your honest opinions...

Peace and Blessings,

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they won't be rs-gt's, but the diamond-black finish enhances the look of any BBS wheel :)
Don't know Will think your better off leaving them the way they are but then again i am the wrong person to ask being I'm not a dark rim colored type of guy.
That sux man, i think the RAs would look better in the silver than a diamond black, but thats just my opinon.
Just be lucky you can afford such awesome wheels... :(

I would like to see RA's in diamond black! Go for it. :thumbup:
I say go for the diamond black.. and you just gave me an idea for my VZs Will. :thumbup:
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