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the apexi unit has a hell of a lot of features and advantages to it.

the question is, will you be able to use all, most, or even some of those in your passat?

the next question is, will you be tinkering with all of those parameters so often that it'll warrant the cost and time it takes to get everything to work right with the apexi unit?

and lastly, don't forget that an item such as that is designed for simpler ECU systems... not quite the easy thing to wire into the uber-redundant Bosch systems that control the likes of german cars.

The profec does its job wonderfully.... and is also programmable (lo/hi boost). which is really all you need in terms of controlling boost. and you can add a remote to it so you can program low boost for lower gears (1st and 2nd; to limit traction issues due to excessive boost), and hi boost for higher gears (that way you get max boost once the car is rolling at speed and traction is not an issue).

i have a profec B, and i have no complaints. i'll be picking up the remote for it soon enough for the purposes explained above.

it really comes down to what it is you want to be doing with the hardware you're going to purchase.
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