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gray side markers

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do you guys know were i can pick up some smoked side markers (the stock ones are orange in the front and red in the back") or should i just get mine smoked? i want it to match the color of my car (silverstone)
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Go to the groupbuy section :thumbup:
I tinted mine with some VHT tint spray. They turned out pretty well and it only cost me $25.00 and couple hours of my time (including drying time).


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I used a product called Night Shades and it was less then $15 Canadian and took an hour.

Mine are done 3 coats and made dark .. 1 coat takes the red/yellow glare off

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The dealer also has smoked fender side marker lights at about $27 per pair.

I bought 'em as an option when I got my car back in Dec. '99
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