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Got paid $$$ to drive STG.3 S4 AND STG.3 GTI!!!!!!! :D (lon

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Got paid $$$ to drive STG.3 S4 AND STG.3 GTI!!!!!!! :D (long, very long)

Well, we all know that I go to school near APR yada, yada, yada.........anyways, they called me up yesterday to go drop off this guys GTI that they have had for a while tuning the AWP stg.3 on..........they say it will be 350miles each way, so I am like
. Anyways, first the GTI. Well, I get in it and I'm off. Naturally I am not going to go ripping around in it for the first 20min I am in it, so I just get a feel for the car. Below 4k rpms, the car behaves just like a chipped car, only it is about 1000000000 times more smooth. However, at 4k, you hear the turbo coming on-line at full power <-(sounds good
), and then around 4500rpms you start to get ROCKETED ahead with STRONG smooth power. The weird thing is, with this kit, the higher you rev, the faster you go
.....naturally coming from a chipped car, I was like HOLY SH!T!!. I shifted at 6500rpms because I did not want to rev past that point, but it really felt like the car was just getting started when I shifted
. NOTE : I was given permission by the owner of the car to have fun and to put it through its paces so he would have something to look forward to as we communicated on our cell phones. Okay, so I leave Auburn heading to Slidell, Louisiana........the man I am meeting is Mike Staley of APR houston and he is bringing the stg.3 S4 that he has had as a replacement for his car. Oh, another important note on the stg.3 GTI, first gear is useless, second gear is FUN, third gear is FUN, 4th gear is FUN!!!!, and I won't comment on fith
. Okays, so we meet and swap cars, I miss the GTI, it made all of the right noises. The sounds of spool up when next to cars was amazing and it just felt like an amazing little rocket.

Now, on to the S4. I jump into the seat, get comfortable, and once again get to know the car for about 20min. The car has a racing clutch and race springs. It still had all of the Gumball stickers all over it, so naturally we were a rice magnet
. We were running on pump gas which was exactly 420hp and 470 lb/ft of torque(the GTI was on pump gas too). So I get used to the car and finally build up enough balls to get on it in 3rd gear....... NOTE I was given instructions by APR to give it hell, I certainly didn't, but yes I did floor it some. Anyways, as I rolled on the throttle in 3rd, a very loud hissing noise overcame the cars exhaust, it was immediately followed by the very loud blowing of air......sounded just like a jet engine, and I was slammed into my seat at warp speed. In about a second it felt like, the shift point came. I just put the brakes on and slowed back down to normal speed. My friend and I were cussing up a storm. Things like "This thing is #$%^ing FAST!!" and "Holy Sh!t" left our mouths everytime we hit it. The cars behind us seems to hit the brakes, literally, as we rolled into the throttle. I can't imagine what that thing would be like on race gas which is 470hp and 500tq. I felt like the king of the road behind that thing, the funny thing is, no one wanted a piece. The car has black 18" fikse racing wheels, race springs, a CF hood, and gumball stickers all over it. So I think people were pretty afraid. However, everytime I passed some rice, they followed me untill they had to exit. Anyways, knowing I was driving a Z06 killer (I am sure most of you have seen that video of the S4 vs. the Z06, this is the car in that video), I stayed at 90mph(APR wanted me to go faster, those guys are crazy
) most of the way, and kicked it every now and then to make time and miles fly by.

So, I was on the road yesterday for 8hrs. 4hrs in a stg.3 GTI and 4hrs in a stg.3 was very fun, and if it came down to a decision, I would still take the GTI, it was a blast. It felt almost as fast, but the speed is decieving on it because it is so smooth. If you watch the speedometer, you realize just how much power that car makes. Anyways, big thanks to APR for letting do some work for them. All in all, it was a fun night
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Re: Got paid $$$ to drive STG.3 S4 AND STG.3 GTI!!!!!!! :D (Blade)

Sorry mods if this is in the wrong forum, you can move it to anything auto if you like.
Re: Got paid $$$ to drive STG.3 S4 AND STG.3 GTI!!!!!!! :D (Blade)

holy crap, and they actually paid you money to do this? you are a lucky guy.
Re: Got paid $$$ to drive STG.3 S4 AND STG.3 GTI!!!!!!! :D (Blade)

MAN! You really need to "holler" at me next time they need you to transport a car half way to Houston.
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Re: Got paid $$$ to drive STG.3 S4 AND STG.3 GTI!!!!!!! :D (Electron Man)

That red S4 in the Gumball is unbelievable. I can't believe you got to drive it. If better, they paid you. That is like a dream come true. Wish a video was handy of you hitting the Oh Sh#t limit.
Re: Got paid $$$ to drive STG.3 S4 AND STG.3 GTI!!!!!!! :D (OCTICK)

You guys should come to town, they really don't care about me driving it........oh, hehe, the car is also BROKEN!!! AND IT WAS STILL FAST! Supposedly the maf was bad and that was the reason it was falling on its face at 6k........doesn't matter, I was shifting at 6k anyway and that car is by far the fastest I have driven and ridden in. Just mind boggling
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Re: Got paid $$$ to drive STG.3 S4 AND STG.3 GTI!!!!!!! :D (Blade)

You get to drive the APR cars? I knew I should have gone to Auburn...
Re: Got paid $$$ to drive STG.3 S4 AND STG.3 GTI!!!!!!! :D (ThisMachineKF)

Yep, they are a bunch of very cool guys
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