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Got a set of Monster mats today...

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what's up with the rears... they don't seem to fit quite right... i mean the holes line up, but the mat kinda runs up against the side of the floorboard...

the fronts fit like a champ...

these are not only a good investement to save your carpet, make cleaning easier, but dress up the interior nicely...

i'd highly reccomend them...!
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Really? Do they look good?
I was thinking of getting some, but I was worried they'd look like crap.

Post pics, I wannna see them in your sweet ride.

Jimmy :)

PS, did you get the HID's in yet?
i think the monster mats look great! and they're easy to clean too!

i don't have any posts in the back for the rear mats to sit on, but it still works fine.
i'll post some pics tomorrow... they look real good... better than the carpet mats...

HID's are in... what a difference...

i will post some pics of them as well this weekend... the ones i took tonight came out like poopoo...

here are some before and afters...

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Did you have to pull the front bumper off to install the HID's?
yes, the front bumper comes off...
Looks like you got the mirrors with the integrated turn signals. Did the car come with them, or did you get them aftermarket?

Jimmy :)
JimmyDee said:
Did you have to pull the front bumper off to install the HID's?
You have to on the B5.5, but not on the B5.
I believe A-tiller has an 04.5, I like these mirrors a lot more than the ones without signals...except the damn whistling noise they make.
came with them... standard on the 04.5's...

make an annoying whistling sound though... gonna complain next trip to the dealer...
They definitely look nicer. I suspect the whistling noise would quickly get on my nerves though...

Jimmy :)
I talked to the dealer they said they had heard about it and had told VW about all the complaints. Dont think there is anything they can do. This weekend I am gonna try using some clear silicon in there, if it doesnt work I can just remove it...hoping it helps.
that's friggen ghetto...

they should be able to do something about it if it affects all of them... :mad:

i guess it's nothing jacking up the stereo can't cure... :crazy:
The silicon should work and wont be visible. Its just blowing across a coke bottle...if you can make the gap shallower or get rid of it then it SHOULD go away.
Do you think the silicon will eventually 'yellow' by being exposed to the sun and road dirt?
It shouldnt...if it does you can remove it easy enough since it stays soft. Soap and water and a little scrub and it will come right off. Can always pop off the signals on the mirror and get it off that way.
howsabout the clear 3M tape used for protecting yer headlights?
shouldnt that cover it up nicely? just a twisted-dimented-thought :weirdo:

oh yeah, i tink yousa can get that stuffs at pep-boys, autozone, discount auto.... i comes in 8" X 20" ? and larger? have fun! :wink:
Post pics of the Monster Mats... I wanna see 'em.

Jimmy :)
tommorrow man... i just spent the last 5 hours trying to get my little man to sleep... :crazy:
yea, im also interested in monster mats but im afraid they will look like crap, especially with my tan leather interior. very interested to see pics!
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