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got a b5 passat recently :)

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bought a b5.5 passat a couple months back and have fallen in love with it. its a 1.8t 4motion. when i first got the car i was knew to the whole euro outlook on cars and wasn't planning on doing anything to the car. after seeing this website i got the itch to put a couple bucks into the car.
blacked out front grill
halo led headlights
smoked euro aftermarket tailights
magnaflow exhaust
25 percent tint all the way around
euro switch
19 inch black falken rims wrapped with falken tires
12 inch cvr kicker subwoofer with a kenwood amplifier

future plans
chip (hopefully on my bday thats coming up soon!)
raceland lowering springs
boost gauge


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Looks nice, rims are a bit blingy for a Passat IMHO, but if you like them.
Welcome to the club.
Wanna trade? lol nice passat! welcome! there is lots of information on here that you will find useful.
Very nice and welcome! I'd have to say the rims are very gay. Get some nicer rims and lower it then your car will look A LOT better :)
might get some different rims soon!
Terrible rims, you should just give them to me. I'm close too.
Better to include money for proper maintenance, lol.
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Nice passat I don't mind the rims too much. Like others say, if you lower it, it will look much better (I'm one to talk - I'm still riding at stock height :( )
I'm not a fan of the tails, or the wheels, or the wheelgap.

But it looks to me like you've got the modding bug - keep it up!
the rims are on craigslist right now
got the chip taken care of! now for the coil overs and boost gauge!
All you need is a quality suspension (not raceland/rokkor/etc) and wheels and you'll be set. There comes a point when tint is too dark and I think you hit it. $.02
All you need is a quality suspension (not raceland/rokkor/etc) and wheels and you'll be set.
Don't skimp on suspension. If you can't do quality coil overs, spend money on quality springs and dampeners. Koni, Bilstein, H&R, Eibach. You won't regret any largess spent on springing your corners properly.
600 bucks and the rims are yours!
Super sharp. I love the dual exhaust and the blacked out look!
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