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Goodbye to my second Passat

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I replaced my 05 TDI with an 05 A6 with 70,000 fewer miles. Wow, what a change! I got it cheap because it needs one of the camshaft position sensors changed and it has a plugged-up washer sprayer. It's only a 3.2 V6, but my TDI wasn't exactly a rocket, either. I felt pretty awesome about it until my best friend showed up with his new 2007 M45, V-8 and all. Lots of German love in my driveway for a while there.
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not sure if the 3.2 suffers from the same issues but... timing chain guides are known to fail on B6/B7/and C6 audi's with the chain driven motors.
causing $5000+ in repairs (needing motor pulled out)
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