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Well wanted to say goodbye and thanks for all your help with our recently departed Passat.

We traded our Passat for a '04 Jetta GL 2.0 5spd. During a parts run for the 20k on the Passat a Jetta sitting out front caught the eye of my better half (he liked the Platinum Gray). Of course he had to go look at it and test drive it, he fell in love during the test drive and had to have it.

He really does not miss the Passat mainly because the Jetta gets much better gas mileage and because its a manual. In all honesty he likes the 2.0/5spd better then 1.8T/Tip setup, he says it feels faster. After driving our 2.0 a few times I have to agree it is more fun to drive, the tiptronic made the Passat a real lame duck IMO. I am happy just because whenever an oil change or any maintenance came around on the Passat I always hated opening the hood. The A4 platform is much more DIYer friendly and so much easier to work on.

Again thanks everyone for your help.
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