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Good parts & mods source for Miata ??

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Been searching around, just wondering if anyone has any good/bad experiences with sourcing parts for one. One of my salesmen is willing to part with his '95 with 145K for $2000 to me,with hardtop. Mechanically great, only the top is rough and a few minor dings. For starters I'm going to give it a major tune up, 16" wheels/tires, looking into suspension options as I type this,probably change bushings,ball joints,etc just for safety sake and just freshen up the brakes with more agressive pads,lines,etc... TIA for any help...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts looks great, check out the supercharger they've got cdoming out!!!
If you're looking into road racing, Mazda has a GREAT contingency program, offering all parts at cost (or near). And they have some aftermarket parts too (SS brake lines, sway bars, bushings, clutch/PPs, etc) You have to apply though, and be in an approved SCCA/NASA sanctioned race I believe. Check

Flyin Miata has a good selection. Moss Motors has some decent stuff. http:/ is a good place to go for Miata info/BBs.
Thanks... Being off for the next 2 weeks gives me time to play... :wink:
ditto the suggestion.

you'll be on there for months....maybe even years!

i have not owned a miata in about 2 years, but i always find myself back on the "net"!

good luck.
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