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Going away for a month, anything I NEED to do?

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As of tomorrow, I'm leaving for Italy for a month. I filled the Passat with gas and left it in the shade, its nice and clean too but that's about it. My family's gonna take it in to the dealership while I'm gone to get the 15k service done and some body work (got bumped :cry:). I made sure to tell the 'rents not to let them (the dealership) do anything big without asking, and to make sure they give me a synthetic oil change this time. Anything else? I'm a little worried sending my baby away when I can't check on her, but I suppose I should get over SOME of this paranoia...

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bump anybody?
you should be fine ;)

I am sure you will miss her. I can imagine how you are turning head for every passat in Italy :lol:

enjoy your tip
I left this summer for 3 months, check out the link! I did more than you will need to do but it will help you out thoroughly!

If you want somebody to clean it up, and to take it out once and
a while, to just thread the lines, let me know.

I'm in your neck of the woods lately, quite often. It should be fine, but
just in case.... You know I'm here for you, man. I'd treat it as if it were my own baby.

Best of luck and have an amazing time in Italia. If you end up going to Florence, you MUST,...MUST...MUST...go to a place called "Aqua Al Due"
- that's pronounced: aqua al doo-ay. It is really good, and they have a
pasta sampler that is to die for. Enjoy...really!!

Best of luck, and please, AIM me before you go.. I have a favor to ask of you!!

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It's only a month, look at how long they sit in dealer lots with no damage. It is extraordinarily unlikely anything will go wrong in a month.
Go to Cinqueterre (a must)...and if you're in Venice...stay at a hotel in Lido (island right off of Venice)...just take my word for it...have a great time! I'm jealous...
Man, Italy, it's been a while, enjoy :thumbup: . If you go to Tuscany, go visit Lucca and Montalcino, beautiful like the rest of the Tuscan side anyways, so peaceful and refreshing. Ok, now i'm going to go look at vacation packages, thanks for nothing :evil: . J/K, have fun. Your B5 should be fine, i would hate to have it move around while i'm not here too, but the preps are minimal for just 30 days.
geordie said:
It's only a month, look at how long they sit in dealer lots with no damage. It is extraordinarily unlikely anything will go wrong in a month.
Yeah right!
I left my car at home for 17 days this spring and went to Vienna, Prague and Paris.
I missed my car soo much... it was harder just to see how many Passats and Skodas I saw in those cities.
You will miss your car.
And when i came back i got the news from family that my car was stolen...but that is another story.

I went to Italy 2 years ago. Best trip ever.
The most beautiful contry in the world.
Went to Roma, Siena, Firenze, Verona, Venezia, Assisi, Napoli, Costa Amalfitana (Sorento), Pompei.
I'll do my best guys, thanks for wishing me the good trip. Its sort of a student program anyway so I'm not exactly free roaming about. I'm staying in a small town called Spoleto, its in Northern Italy but I don't think its too far from Rome (flying into Rome). I should have sundays off completely, and they give us a lot of free time. Aparrently I'll have some internet access as well via cyber cafe type deals. I'll try and keep in touch and post a bit. Once again thx guys, wish me luck! I'm deparing now (like literally NOW)

Oh, and psstwgn, NO YOU CANNOT DRIVE MY CAR!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'll go on a cheese hunt...(inside joke, if you don't get it, you're not in the know how :p )

-Wapptor CIAO
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