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So, I've decided to pull the trigger and purchase the Frankenturbo F4H-L. After much research I still have a few questions...

My man Oliver, over at SpeedTuningUSA in MD, is hooking me up with a fully custom tune for $275. I, being the 18 year old that I am, of course want the maximum power that I can get out of the Frankenturbo. I currently have a 5 bar FPR installed on stock 285cc (IIRC) injectors on my B5.5, with the K03 on, because my previous K04 popped. To get maximum power, am I going to have to upgrade to the 315cc injectors? Or even the 380cc's? And what brand would you all recommend? I see ECS has a set of 315's made by Bosch, and the 380's are made by Genesis, and the 315's would definitely be a better price haha. I'm sure many of you have seen this list before, but one last time, here it is.
Current Supporting mods:
-3" Test pipe
-Aluminum DV
-5 Bar FPR
-Bigger ported exhaust manifold
-Stock exhaust from cat back, I don't want the extra noise.
*Bigger inlet hose will be shipped with the Franken

I saw that Slappy_Dunbar made 263AWHP in an A6 manual on generally the same setup as mine (youtube dyno), so I expect to be making around that in FWD, probably a bit less. Am I going to need an F-N75 valve as well? Or will that be up to the programmer? Thanks you guys for always answering my teenage questions and being all around awesome. My Passat would still be Grandma status had it not been for you guys. :salute:
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