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Genuine VW shocks or Sach-Boge?

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Hello all,

I am about to replace front shock absorbers on my 1.8t. There is a total of $60 difference between the original shocks from the dealer and Sachs-Boge ones I would order from ECS.

Which one would you prefer?
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Yes, those ones are OEM, and ECS will just charge up the $60 difference in shipping so I'd go dealer anyway.
No problem using those, but from autohausaz you'd get free shipping, saving maybe $20.
I have used Audi Parts - Vw Parts - Audi Parts Vw Parts Kit Company - Blauparts shock/struts on (2) B5.5 sedans and really like the ride, they include everything in their kits and cost $346.45 with Free Shipping
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They won't tell you who makes product for them but told me it's a European shock company.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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