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Genuine Mirror Glass or aftermarket one

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The passenger side wing mirror glass just dropped out and I need a replacement .

I am not sure whether I should spend 72 on a Genuine mirror glass or a cheaper alternative for about 18.

What shall I choose ?:nervous:
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Maybe you can go to a local auto glass place that replaces windshields and see if they have something that's of good quality. If it were me I'd go that route or look for a quality replacement from Car Quest before the dealer.

Just make sure the view you get is not distorted and free of blemishes.

Make sure you use quality glass adhesive and do the proper prep work when reinstalling the new glass.
Or, if you are as lazy as I am, you can by what you need from ECS (they just snap in) and forget about it.
It really depends on whether the glass fell off the backing plate, or the backing plate came off the carrier (it just snaps in place). If the former, you can do something silly like custom cutting a piece of glass, in the latter you need to buy a mirror with carrier and heating element.

Me, I'd just buy the part and be done with it. Note that I haven't had much luck with aftermarket bits for VW - I'd probably get a genuine one from ECS, too.
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I had that happen on my passenger side as well. I wouldn't try to glue that one back. And new ones come with backing, not just glass so no glue needed. Got a replacement at a junk yard. If you do, bring a multimeter with you to test if the heating element still works. I prefer Genuine parts also, but then, on something not as crucial, an aftermarket can be an option if buying new.
Along the lines of what scotts13 said, it also depends on how often you need the defrost function on that mirror to actually work.

When the driver's mirror (glass pane) on my '99 started to fall off, I just used three small pieces of double-sided emblem/badge tape to secure the pane (clean it first) back onto the carrier. I've probably only needed that mirror defrosted 2-3 times a year at most; rest of the time, no issues.
Go to the local auto glass shop, have them trace the outline of the remaining driver side mirror, the passenger side is a mirror image....I know, stop laughing! Then they can cut you a new mirror and use either silicone or double side tape to install it to the backing plate. Cheaper.
It is that the glass fell off the backing plate. I picked up the glass . There were only three big pieces . So I am trying to use Gorilla glue to attach them to the backing plate.

If it doesn't work, I will go for OEM parts.

Thank everyone
I had good luck with an eBay mirror. It came with a pre-cut adhesive pad.
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