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I have a Volkswagen Passat CC 2008 with automatic transmission.

Problem is,when I went to a shop,everything worked propperly,but when I got back about 10 minutes later my gearshift got stuck in Park,and I couldnt shift into any other gear.
Engine.steering and generally everything else ran good,although I had bit of a problem strarting it because car didnt recognize if it was shifted into park to start.(When I removed the cover beneath the stick and presed the yellow thing and got the gearshift out of Park manually and pressed the solenoid manually it started without a problem)
I did some research and it looks like a faulty solenoid,but what keeps me bothering is that the lights next to shift (the ones that illuminate the letters P,R,D,N,S) are not working and it looks like no source of power is getting into gearshift whatsoever.
The brake light switch doesnt come off when I press the brake either.
What could be wrong?
Any tip is appreciated.

Thank you. :)
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