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gas tank leading - can I fix this?

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2002 V6 GLX 4Motion looking under the car, just in front of the drivers side rear wheel, I can see the black plastic gas tank is wet with gas that is leaking from the tank. I haven't done any more research than that, I haven't jacked the car up inspect more.
Is anybody familiar with this issue? Does this seem like something I can fix? What is likely to be causing the leak?

This evening or tomorrow, I can put the car up on blocks and do a more complete inspection.
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The bad news:
Usually it is something to do with a vent valve, and requires replacement of the tank.

The good news:
In the 4Motion it is usually paid for by VW under a recall.

Do some searching, and note that you are likely to have some trouble convincing VW to pay.
2002 4 motions did have a recall for fuel leaking because of vent valve issues. Call your local dealer and have them check the VIN to see if the work has been done yet.
I just had mine replaced. It was surprisingly easy. I think VW is very sensitive to their reputation these days and wants to make sure they don?t get any bad publicity.
My 2005 GLS 1.8 4Motion Wagon is in the local shop for this same leak. They seem to think the leak was/is coming from a hairline crack in the lip of the plastic cap of the fuel sending unit.

I guess I'll have to try and rule that out first, before I roll the dice and have VW pull the tank to diagnose a probable vent valve leak.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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