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My first post, so a big hello to you all..
My problem started a few weeks ago when trying to jump start a flat battery on my 2003 V5, the car started ok but the radio was dead. Not had chance to look at it until today, so, checked 20A fuse behind head unit which had blown so renewed fuse, radio displayed 'safe' mode briefly and then '1000'. But i cannot enter any codes as the channel buttons 1-6 won't work, also the word 'phone' is also displayed on the left hand side of the display. So i put my mobile into the in car cradle and turned on the ignition, the radio beeped once and now displays '85.5' and 'phone' on the left hand side again.
It seems as if the radio is working but stuck in phone mode, if i turn up the volume i can hear a faint radio signal, just can't get out of pone mode, worryingly i can still hear a faint radio signal with the radio and ignition off !!
I've pulled the fuse to stop the battery going flat again, does anyone have any ideas ?
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