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I purchased this 2 part G2 epoxy brake calliper paint kit from an eBay reseller rather than directly from the G2 website because it was cheaper. The reseller's shipping cost to Australia down under however was prohibitive especially because the brake cleaner had to be removed for international shipping without reducing either the product or shipping cost!

So I had it shipped to another forum member who I thought would be able to post it to me down under in Australia for about $28 using USPS just as G2 would have had I bought directly from them. But this forum member tells me that he cannot ship it internationally with USPS because of it's ORM-D classification. But:

PZ said:
The normal cost of a regular package across the US would be $8-9 for the USPS and around $18 for UPS.
As depicted below, the colour is gold and for sale here for $30 plus delivery as detailed above. If you live near Grapevine Texas, you will be able to pick it up from PZ.

As I live down under, I can only accept PayPal.

Click thumb for kit details

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