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Fuel Line help! Served Fuel line spewing gas!

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Hey guys how do I go about fixing this? what size is the hose and what are all the tools and parts needed to fix (it is the middle of the 3 hoses).
Note it wasn't completely severed it had a large leak but when i pulled it off it completely split.
This is bracket on the firewall

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is it the same as this?
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assume this is a 1.8 and that the bracket is mounted to the firewall to the left
yeah whoops should have been more clear.
Yes, it's the same leak as referenced above. Be sure to use the better fuel line (J30) as the typical parts store hose does not hold up to heat.
Just use the same parts as listed in the other post?

can I just shove one of these in and use clamps?

or should I get a hose and go over the the first post here?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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