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Modification: Fuel Filter Replacement on 98 1.8T AEB Manual
DIY Rating : Easy
Time : 1 hour

Tools Necessary:
Phillips screw driver
Vise Grips

Parts Necessary:
Fuel filter
Hose clamps (two, size ½ - 1 ¼”)

Superfluous Items:
Lock tight formula
10mm nut/washer (four)
Anti-seize compound
Rags/Disposable container


There are three fundamentals which get your car going and fuel is one of them. Ideally the filter is to be replaced at 30,000 mile intervals. Cost of the filter ranges from 10 to 25 dollars depending on year and model; it is a low cost, easy install and a healthy choice for your B5.


1. Lift the Passat’s rear end and stabilize with jack-stands. Allow yourself enough room to wiggle and work.

2. Remove the rear skid panel. This plastic piece, similar to the belly pan, is held on by four 10mm’s and one centrally located phillips screw. Depending on your Passat’s track record, the 10mm’s may be severely rusted. Two bolts snapped for me (Mostly driven in northeast region). Drop the skid panel and set aside.

Broken 10mm bolt/nut from skid panel. Good reason to replace them on your Passat (while you’re down there).

3. The fuel filter is located underneath the rear passenger’s area. As a reference, it is fairly in line with the indentation on the side skirt indicating a lift point. The fuel filter is held close to the body with a metal bracket. This bracket is affixed to the underbody with two 11mm bolts. Remove these bolts.

The fuel filter is the silver canister. The outgoing fuel line is on its right.

4. The fuel filter and bracket assembly can now be dropped from the body. Remove the fuel filter from the bracket by “peeling” open the bracket. Now the bracket is loose; set this aside with its bolts.

5. It is important to note the direction of the arrow on the fuel filter to be replaced.

Be sure to note the arrow’s direction. Vise grips crimping incoming fuel line (perhaps pad its teeth with a rag).

6. In preparation of removing the hose clamps and ultimately the fuel filter, crimp the fuel line coming from the rear of the Passat (from the tank) to the fuel filter. Be careful not to cinch down too tightly at risk of damaging the fuel line. Place a container beneath the fuel filter to collect the fuel. Expect a significant amount of gasoline to flow from the line, in order of 1 cup. The fuel filter is rather large, so this is expected.

7. First loosen a hose clamp. Upon removal, work the fuel filter nipple from the hose. Tilt the fuel filter down, allowing the fuel within the filter to fall out into your container. Next remove the other hose clamp. The fuel filter is now free and hopefully empty of gasoline.

Fuel filter now removed.

8. Prepare the hose clamps with a locking formula. To avoid working in a small space, close the clamps to about the right size. Slide these on the incoming and outgoing fuel lines. It is now time to install the new fuel filter. Keeping in mind the proper arrow orientation on the Passat’s new fuel filter, wiggle the fuel lines onto the nipples of the fuel filter. Tighten the hose clamps.

9. Slip the bracket back onto the new fuel filter. Now mount this assembly as it was previously. At your discretion use locking formula or anti-seize on the bolts.

New fuel filter installed.

10. Before replacing the skid panel, dry up any fuel and then check for leaks by starting your Passat. It will take a few cranks for the fuel to once again fill the filter then lines. Let idle and check for leaks. Assuming no leaks, turn the Passat off and replace the skid panel. Again, at your discretion replace bolts and use anti-seize compound.

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Thanks to GottaGetaB5 for the hosting! :thumbup:

That B5 community which makes the sometimes unbearable problems (my bad turbo) bearable!!!!

Keep up the love folks.

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Excellent, this one is next in my cheaper-than-stealer 100000km tune up (plugs and air filter down, fuel filter to go). Thanks for the write up.
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