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rockin the nasty azz exhaust tips yo!!
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Like the title says I have OEM VW roofrack rails that have been painted Stonehenge grey to match my old car. I'll be honest, the clear coat is not perfect, it is not chipping or fading but it could use a wet sanding to smooth it out. Visually you cannot see this but you can feel it. Other than that, the paint is beautiful. These were only painted about 3 months ago and are an exact match to the car.

(If you have a different car color I want to point out that these are a great and near perfect match to gunmetal as well, so if you have gunmetal wheels these would be a great addition)

With the rails I also have dual bike racks, the bottom rails of the racks are primed but that can be removed, the rest of the rack (upper arms) are unpainted.

The bike racks have normal wear and tear, nothing major and they work great. more pictures to come.

I am asking $250 obo plus shipping. Feel free to make me an offer but please nothing ridiculously low.

I'll be uploading more detailed pictures shortly

20140708_140329 (2).jpg

20140621_143354.jpg Here is the rail next to the a pillar for color comparison.
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