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perfect in every way....been on car for two months.

fully forged
diamond black
.5 inch lip
32 offset all around
19 x 8.5
21.2 lbs a rim.

tires are newish (less than 1500 miles on them) even far as i can tell.
one wheel has maybe 2-3 small nicks..i mean SMALL...from your typical little rock have to put your face like 3 inches from the wheels to see it...

but i am a perfectionist..soo.

wheels are 984.00 each
tires are 190. a piece (falken azenis st 115's 235 35 19)
i will include center caps..

bbs lugs, hubcentric rings and caps.

3700 LOCAL pick up.

Or you can offer a 17 or 18 inch or 19 inch wheel..+ cash.

essentially you are getting the tires FREE.

Shipping is UP TO THE BUYER..i will not lose out on will be about 30-40 dollars per wheel to ship fromd allas to east or west coast..and then anything in between..

so lets say shipping fee send me zip code...

i can send detailed pics.

wheels are garaged with the car..havent touched rain yet...and have been cleaned twice a week and polished/waxed once every couple weeks..with xanol german wax.

someone is going to LOVE these fav so far..and i have owned plenty.

edit: no jordan i wont send them to you free.:lol:
beat yah to it..

and no paul...i wont either:p:)
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