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The Vagcom is sold the service manual is still available...

All right my wife just totaled my 4-motion Passat. I have a Ross-Tech Hex-USB+CAN dongle. This will give you unlimited access to cars 1995 to present (I believe) and act as a dongle for the full VCDS software. I guess you probably know what this is and what it does. I paid $350. My new car payments are $224 so let's call it $220 shipped.

I also have a Bentley Service manual (the big one) for Passats 1998-2005. I can do that $75 shipped media mail.

I would prefer not to use paypal. My wife does have an old paypal account I could probably resurrect but I would prefer a postal MO. I am in the Albany NY area if you prefer a face to face pickup. Message me and I will send you my cell # if you have any questions or want some more pics

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