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So I got a new front end basically and have some of the old parts for sale. Some of them are broken but can be used for parts. I have no clue of a price on them so offer. Parts are located in 717 PA.

First are the headlights. The passenger side is in great working condition. No tabs broken, cracks, etc. Could use a good polishing but not bad at all. The drivers side is damaged beyond us but I am sure you could use it for parts if you need them. Everything internal is still in good working condition. $50 for the good one. Offer for the other one.

Next up is a DDM Tuning HID kit. Slim ballasts, all the wiring, etc. The bulbs are brand new and are Depo brand and I believe 6k. Great condition, worked perfectly when pulled. $25 for ballasts, $50 for bulbs.

I have a set of A pillar covers and D pillar covers that I refinished in a suede but I had water issues and it bubled the fabric. The pillars and clip areas are fine though. They are great to try and experiment with wrapping them. $30 per set.

Finally I have my bumper cover. It is black with some damage but I am sure it is still usable. It was ripped off on the drivers side and some of the clips are broken but I am still sure it can be used again. The paint is pretty good. make an

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