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We replaced the B5.5 with a B6, so it's time for these to move along to someone else that will appreciate them.

What They Are
A fairly rare set of OEM E-Code Bi-xenon (HID) headlights out of a W8 from the UK. They are complete with all bulbs and ballasts, and are plug-and-play in any non-W8 B5.5 in the US. Ballasts and ignitors work perfectly, and all bulbs are functional. Shields are stock E-code design which offers a nice beam pattern. I'm also including a Euro Switch so that you can control the separate functions of the lights individually, including no DRL.

What They Fit
They are a plug-and-play upgrade on any NA B5.5 Passat, with no adapters or other wiring changes needed.

They have approximately 40,000 miles on them, so they're not brand new, but there are no chips, cracks or blemishes in the lenses, and all adjustment points are perfectly functional and have never been repaired.

How Much
Price is $800 which includes shipping to the continental US.

Some shots of them on the car (with incredibly dirty lenses that have since been cleaned and polished):

Let me know if you have any questions.



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this is a GREAT deal for anyone that is thinking about it......had these before and you won't find better lighting at night. Man I'd love these
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