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Hi Everyone.... ((($150 now!!)

I bought two rear trunk spoilers, one for my B6 and one for my Brother in law...Well..I LOVE MINE!! I think it looks great! I installed it myself, took about 90 minutes. He changed his mind and it's here! it's made from the same high Quality, OEM certified material (ISO 9002) that you would find on it from the manufacturer. It's painted reflex silver , all ready to go..I bought it online from the spoiler place..I just could not see spending $$500-600 for a non painted one from VW!!

I paid $239.00 shipped for it, I want to be upfront, so I'll take a $79 loss to get rid of it, Take a look at my pictures and see if you like it(looked great with my new 18's wheels , nice sporty touch to the back!).... It would be shipped in the same box, packaged with all hardware just like I got it..Or if your in the NY/NJ/Ct area, pick up?
Spolier quality I would give a 10! Paint match is a 10! base paint coat is a 9.5 and clear coat is a 9.5! (1-10 quality scale) Any info pm me or post.
Here's the link..
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