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FS: New L/R Bixenon (US). Kamei Grill. Coil Packs. Spacers/Bolts.New Suspension parts

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Hey guys, my Passat is gone and I have a garage to clear. All prices are without shipping. If you are interested in an item please pm me your zip and I will give you a shipping quote. If actual shipping turns out to be more than that's ok. If actual shipping is less I will refund you the difference. Paypal is easiest for me.

Speedline Allesio 3pc wheels 5x112. This includes 6 barrels (4x 18x7 , 2x 18x8), 4 lips (2x 1.25", 2x 1.75"), 4 metal gaskets, and 80 bolts/nuts, hubcentric metal rings, and obviously the centers. You need to purchase 80 more bolts/nuts. I ran this setup as 18x8.5 and 18x10. If you need any other info please let me know. $600

Stock grill. $50 obo

(3) New VW coil packs 06B 905 115R $40 as a set

2 5mm spacers $20

The suspension stuff below is from a full suspension kit from febi/bilstein. Everything is new/never used. I have a box full of bolts/washers that go with the parts and will try to match them up as best as I can.

Control arm, lower right 8e0407694AG $70

Control arm, lower left 8e0407693AG $70

Control Arm 4d0407151p, front lower $60

Control Arm 4d0407151p, front lower $60

front right sway bar link 8d0411318d $20
front left sway bar link 8d0411317d $20

outer tie rod end 4f0419811e $25

optix 1180 aftermarket foglights $10

misc items free if you buy something

stock DV 058145710

front tow hook for those with votex front

stock light switch

new oil dipstick funnel

vw lock nut

plastic wheel hanger
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NO! I really liked what you did with your Passat, especially your dual projector headlights. I would love to grab those headlights from you but have to wait on $s.

thanks a lot.

The dual projector headlights will be for sale at a later time.
Your inbox is full!

Interested in the Kamei and Dipstick tube.
Go ahead and send again, I cleared a bunch out sorry.
How much for shipping on the free fog light kit? My zipcode is 77493.
I'll take the oil dip tube, the boost gauge and the votex bumper and skirts if they fit a wagon. PM me!!!!! PLZ!!!!
why couldnt you have posted this last week when i was in rochester for work
I didn't think people actually visited here :p
was at the rolls royce facility in williamson ny but was staying at the inn on broadway in rochester, if i would have remembered you were there i would have pm'd you to see if you wanted to get a beer one night.
bump for new suspension stuff
Just cleared my inbox for those who have tried to message me
wish I knew about the boost gauge.....
Ill also take some of those spacers too you can just toss them in the big box with the bumper
Sold front, sides, headlights and the kamei grill. All of the rest is left
Also selling a set of wheels. Check the original post for details
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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