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Available for sale is one MFD2 Navigation Unit including antenna and set of all 10 map CDs for the US & Canada. This is a Euro unit with part number 1T0 035 194 C and is in like new condition. This is plug and play with B6 Passats and as many others can attest, installation is quite simple.

Price is $1250 shipped.

I also have a multimedia interface which utilizes full Ipod connection for audio, video, and power. This device will allow you to connect video, audio, and now has a dedicated Ipod connection as well. Video 1 is for normal video (DVD, PS2, etc.), Video 2 is for Reverse Camera, and the Ipod cable is for Ipod and Ipod Video. Comes with plug & play harness. An optional one for the connection for the video to the Navi and the Ipod is available for an additional $50.

Price is $315 shipped.

Email or pm with interest or questions. Thanks!
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