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Up for sale are Votex look-a-like foglights for the B5. They are actually the US OEM grilles, modified with the fog bezels from the Chinese OEM foglights, and the foglights themselves are the OEM Chinese versions.
I purchased these quite a while back from a seller on the VWVortex forum. They've been just sitting around in my garage as I never got the chance to get them installed. The set comes with the grilles, bezels, and foglights. No wiring/harness is included. I am asking for $125 and would give priority if you are a local buyer. I am located in Queens, New York. I would prefer to sell it to someone in New York, as shipping this would kind of be a pain, but I might make an exception.

Both grille pieces have the the original plastic bag with the Volkswagen labels and the Made in Germany tag. The short grill has the part # 3B0-853-678-B-B41. The long grille has the part # 3B0-853-677-B-B41. The actual foglights themselves are identified as "5AM Koito China". Etched into the metal housing is the Volkswagen symbol and 3BD 941 700 for the right foglight and 3BD 941 699 for the left foglight. Both grilles have some dried glue in the back, near the area where the foglight goes, as it is just leftover residue from the previous install.
The grilles are modified with the fog bezels. The yellow looking hardened epoxy/glue is what attached the fog bezel to the grille. The pictures I have posted should give you a better idea about everything. I took numerous pics of the foglights/bezel/grilles and uploaded them for those who wanted a more detailed look of the fogs/bezel/grilles. You can download the pics through any of the following two links:

Here are a few of the pics I took:

Thanks for your interest!
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